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Stop Sucking The Fun Out of Your Wedding

fun wedding

This is a heartfelt plea – a plea to all brides out there planning their weddings with the ambitious gusto of the Energizer bunny. The brides that are treating their wedding like an Olympic sport, and the ones that are letting their wedding take over their life (and everyone’s lives around them). This may be harsh but I say this with love – please, stop sucking the fun out of your wedding! Continue Reading


How to Become a More Grateful Bride

grateful bride

Everyone knows there are benefits to being grateful – it boosts our well-being, improves relationships, and helps to combat stress. Many of us forget however to make a conscious effort to be more grateful, and we underestimate the effectiveness gratitude has on our daily lives. Continue Reading

From Pinterest Inspiration

Geometric Wedding Inspiration

geometric wedding inspiration

One of the hottest wedding trends right now is geometric shapes – invitations, cakes, centerpieces – the modern pattern is being used everywhere. This terrarium inspired design goes great with any theme and ties in perfectly with metallics like gold and copper. We’ve seen it used with every style of wedding – from boho chic to vintage to modern – the geometric trend is making a huge impact on weddings in 2017. Continue Reading


Four Conversations You Need to Have During Wedding Planning

bride and groom

Weddings are an exciting time filled with plenty of anticipation and joy. It’s a huge deal not only for the couple getting married but for their friends and family as well. With so many people involved in such a big life event, we often find ourselves in situations where we are surrounded by high emotions and stress, so good communication is essential in keeping everyone happy and informed. Continue Reading