Alternatives to the Traditional Guest Book

The guest book has been a wedding tradition for decades. Chances are you’ve seen your parent’s or even your grandparent’s guest book. With weddings getting more and more personalized, couples are opting to nix the traditional guest book and are going for something that reflects their personalities.

Here are 19 alternatives to the traditional guest book.

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Engagement Photo Canvas

canvas photo guest book

Photo by Sugar and Soul Photography

Wedding Advice Notes

guest book advice

Photo via

Polaroid Guest Book

polaroid guest book

Photo by Kristyn Harder Photography

Paper Airplane Notes

paper airplane wishing well notes

Photo via

Puzzle Guest Book

puzzle guest book

Photo via Shutterfly

Corks and Frame

Photo via

Wine Bottle Guest Book

wine bottle guest book

Photo by Logan Walker Photography

Travel Journal

travel journal guest book

Photo via

Message in a Bottle

message in a bottle guest book

Photo via

River Rocks 

guest signing river rocks

Photo via

Wedding Tree 

wedding tree guest book

Photo via Fancy Prints

Thumb Print Guest Book

thumb print guest book

Photo via Bleu de Toi

Globe Guest Book

globe guest book

Photo by Allison Harp

Quilt Guest Book

quilt guest book

Photo by Avalanche Photography

Jenga Guest Book

jenga guest book

Photo by Summerour Studio

DIY Wooden Sign Guest Book

wood sign guest book

Photo via

Bucket List Guest Book

bucket list guest book

Photo by Jessica Haley Photography

Date Jar Guest Book

date night guest book

Photo via Borden Specifics

Video Guest Book

video guest book

Photo by One Love Photography

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