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Hi brides! My name is Tammy, and I was a wedding planner for sixteen years – a really long time. Long enough to see my share of weddings – the brides that can navigate easily through the planning process, and those that tend to struggle. I’ve learned what works for creating a calm and joyful wedding day because I’ve seen how it manifests with my own eyes by watching my brides and how their actions reflect on the overall energy of their wedding day. I created The Wedding Guru to create a space for brides to explore, not only for wedding inspiration but also to offer guidance – a Guru – to help you through the journey of planning your wedding.

Amazing weddings don’t just happen. A stress-free balanced bride doesn’t wake up the day of her wedding and everything magically runs smoothly for her. She put in the work to think positively, to be grateful, create balance in her life, and accept the things she cannot change and move on from them. The Wedding Guru website will provide you with valuable advice and information so that you too can be a balanced bride.

Articles offering planning advice and tips (sometimes with some tough love), guest bloggers to help you with wellness, balance and stress relief, and a bit of inspirational eye candy as well – we all need a bit of inspiration now and then.

So sit back, take a deep breath, and welcome to The Wedding Guru. I look forward to providing insight and guidance from my sixteen years of experience planning weddings to help you become a happy, positive, and above all, balanced bride.

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