5 Tips For Creating Lasting Memories On Your Wedding Day

You just can’t beat the anticipation and excitement that leads up to a wedding day. Months of planning culminate into one day – and then POOF, it’s over, and all you are left with are your memories.

Moments are remembered through the five senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. You want to engage all five senses and soak up how your wedding feels, not just how it looks. So how do you savor every moment? Here are five ways to create lasting moments in your mind so you have vivid memories of the day.

Have some alone time after the ceremony.

Yichud is a Jewish tradition that I think every couple should adopt on their wedding day. After the ceremony, the bride and groom will take ten or fifteen minutes to be alone together – this gives you a chance to step away from the busy energy and focus on each other. It gives you the time needed to be in the moment and to reflect on becoming husband and wife. A chance to embrace and to take the time to absorb all of the moments up until that point.

Eat the food.

Yes, actually eat the food that you put so much thought and money into. I don’t know how many brides talk about how excited they are about their sweet table, and then never get a chance to enjoy it. Take a break from mingling during cocktail hour to sneak into the kitchen to try some of the hors d’oeuvres. Or have the staff bring you and the wedding party some hors d’oeuvres if you are taking photos during that time. Indulge in your wedding meal, and if you are too busy to hit up the sweet table, ask the caterers to keep some to the side for you to enjoy later. Enjoy a glass or two of champagne or wine – not too much of course, but enough to create an experience of toasting with your guests.

Ignore the cameras.

The paparazzi are always in full force on the wedding day. Uncle Bob will be trying to get your attention constantly, during every peek moment for you to turn to the camera to smile for a photo. If you would rather look into the eyes of your groom during your first dance, then do that. Don’t worry about offending anyone. You’ve posed for enough photos with your professional photographer – the rest of the time is for you to enjoy the moments and is not a photo shoot for your relatives. Doing this will have you remembering the important moments of the day, not Uncle Bob’s face behind his iPad.

Plan a light schedule.

Of course you need a schedule for the wedding day – but leave the scheduling of the small details to your wedding planner, and plan a lighter schedule for yourself. I know there is a lot to get done, but you want to leave enough time to just chill so that you aren’t rushing through the duties of the day. Rushing just causes chaos and there is no way of remembering the moments when you are flustered. When you are getting your hair and make-up done, take the time to look around at your bridesmaids and family to soak it all in. There won’t be very many times throughout the day where you can just sit and watch, so take advantage of this. You also don’t need four hours for wedding party photos – two hours is plenty of time to get enough photos of you and your wedding party. Long photo sessions make wedding parties cranky and steals too much time from the day.

Take a step back to just watch.

You know the saying ‘Time flies when you’re having fun.’ It’s great to dance the night away with your guests, but like the saying goes, it goes by so fast. You and your groom should take five to ten minutes during the party portion to just step back and watch. You’ll actually see your guests dancing and enjoying themselves. You’ll be better able to absorb the visual energy of the night – the sound of the music, the ambiance of the candlelight, and the energy of the crowd. You’ll get the full scope of your party instead of just being a part of one or two moments.

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